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Spotlight: Bristol Tech Hub

Like Brightons' big brother in size, vibe, architecture and tech scene, Bristol is by many measures the largest tech hub outside of London. 👩‍💻

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Bristol has a lot of activity that helps cement it's reputation as one of the UK's best tech hubs. Total revenue for digital over £8bn. Total tech revenue way, way over that according to Techspark. Digital employees numbering more than 30,000+ still puts the revenue per head as one of the highest in the UK and blows us out of the (sea)water in Brighton.

Let's take a look at some statistics:

Number of Tech Meetups


Bristol has 100 tech meetups, the third largest number in the UK, behind London (1635) and Manchester (151). A busy scene with obviously great support to the local community from Techspark and Bristol Media.

Technology Investment In Bristol

We had a little dig around to have a look at the level of investment going into the cluster over the last few years. We've included the list below where we had full data. There have been a good number of investments beyond this but with the financial amounts harder to find. Get in touch if you are interested in the full list.


% of Births of Technology Companies

In terms of the growth in the number of new tech businesses, Bristol comes in at about 2.8% and middle of the pack. We were a bit surprised at this given the obvious health of the tech scene but wondered whether the growth rate looks relatively low coming off a large existing base. Message us if you have a view on this.


Gender Balance In Technology

Good to see Bristol in the top quartile (considering the long tail of the data not shown) but as ever there is work to do to drive up diversity in tech.


Travel To Work Density

And here Bristol scored high - anything above 1.0 is higher than the UK average with Bristol coming in 3rd in the country for digital tech density. Pretty good. We must do some salary analysis.....


When it's good to be dense...

  • Reading 6.68
  • Portsmouth 6.01
  • Bristol 4.61
  • Cambridge 1.85
  • Southampton 1.61

Thanks to Henri at Technation for some of that data.

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