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Everyone thinks they're a drummer...

Why is being in sales similar to being a drummer and how does it impact your strategy? 🥁

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There's an unlikely bond between drummers and sales professionals.

Speak to any drummer and a common frustration for them is the person who sits at their drums, picks up the sticks, and has a good thrash.

Everyone thinks they are a drummer, but there's more to it than that.

Time and again we see young companies, particularly in the technology sectors, with lots of funding and no sales capability, nor awareness of this problem.

They'll have a thrash talking at clients, saying the wrong things to the wrong people. Then they'll give up in this activity and follow it with poor, often fatal, sales recruitment decisions.

For all the work the venture capitalists do in making their investment decisions, stronger and earlier focus within businesses on exactly how things will be sold and who exactly is going to do that would be sensible.

This would mean more successful businesses and for the investors it would reduce the current 80% of loss making investments.

So when developing your strategy consider this point, think about how you will sell, what your market is, who you are targeting and how you will access them.

When investing, go and speak to whoever is responsible for sales - whether it's one of the co-founders or the Sales Director. Speak to them, see what you think.

There's more to selling well than people realise. A bit like drumming really... 🥁

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