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Barriers to Business Growth: Strategic Planning

Read Part I of our exclusive research with SME leaders and see how you compare to other businesses 📕

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Growth is never easy at the best of times, but with the current climate it is even more of a challenge. We wanted to delve deeper and uncover the primary reasons many businesses are finding growth challenging. This exclusive research, undertaken in partnership with our friends at Thoughtstream Consulting, sheds light on these barriers to growth and offers guidance and suggestions to help you overcome the challenges and achieve your goals.

This research is in two parts. In this first report we cover the strategic aspects of growth, including Strategic Planning, Competitive Markets, and Innovation.

The research was conducted with leaders of small to medium sized businesses in the UK. 75% of the participants were the primary leader of the business, with 94% being part of the senior leadership team. These business leaders are from a broad spectrum of industries ranging from Finance to Furniture and Technology
to Telecoms.

Whatever your circumstances, it is always interesting to compare your business to others, and through the benchmarks in this report, understand how you’re performing against other small to medium sized businesses.

Find out:

  • The most pressing challenges faced by SMEs when it comes to growth

  • What the most common competitve pressures are and how to respond

  • How businesses are approaching innovation

  • The state of strategic planning within SMEs and how to do it properly

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