Pricing Strategies to Drive Profits!

Help with pricing strategy is the most frequent request we get from customers and businesses we mentor. Getting your price ‘right’ can be one of the most powerful drivers of profitability. Yet, studies have shown that, on average, businesses spend no more than six hours a year working on their pricing! Pricing doesn’t stay still for long with new entrants, competitors’ product development, rising costs and customer expectations are constantly changing. So lets use this hour to improve your approach to pricing, the quickest and most effective way to improve profits.

You will learn:

  • Competitive Strategy - We'll look at how your compettive strategy largely dictates your pricing strategy. So lets start there!
  • Product & Price positioning - We'll look at how your product and pricing is considered by your customers.
  • Pricing strategies - We’ll finish with a number of different pricing strategies and how to present them.
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Our Expert Speakers:

Tom Ricca-McCarthy

CEO - Get Lucidity

Tom is an experienced CEO. He has achieved recognition in The Times SME Fastrack for International Growth and 4 years in the Times Top 100 SMEs. He is a non-executive at a number of businesses and a Mentor at a growth fund advising (especially on pricing!) early stage technology businesses in the environmental, health and social sectors. He is also a published author with Oxford University Press.