How Accountants Can Launch Advisory Services

It’s an interesting time to be an accountant. In the face of new technologies chipping away at the billable hours, many are turning to a new revenue stream to future-proof their firm.

If the digital disruption is eroding your margins, with tech automation and efficiencies impacting your core business, this webinar can help you recoup revenue and grow.

Capitalise on your ‘trusted advisor’ status and introduce a high-value strategy advisory service. Many forward-thinking accountancy firms are doing this to great effect – we’ll show you how to do the same.

Launching into advisory can be daunting but in our webinar below we’ll break it down into simple steps and show you how you can quickly launch a quality advisory service with minimal effort and without extensive expertise in strategic planning.

With a high-value business advisory offering you can:

Increase your revenue
Distinguish yourself from the competition
Stay relevant & offer more value
Build longer-term relationships with your clients
Bolster client retention
Compliment your compliance services and move from just billable hours and the time restrictions that limit your growth, to the value-based pricing of an advisory service.

In this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Current industry trends
  • The challenges of strategy
  • Launching a pilot service
  • Picking the right clients and team
  • Example services
  • Scaling your business
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Our experts:

Mike Fahey

Co-Founder, Lucidity

Mike is the Co-Founder of Lucidity, a strategy management software platform used by businesses to identify & plan strategic goals, execute their strategy and track results. Mike is an experienced strategy practitioner with a solid academic grounding (MSc in Artificial Intelligence and an MBA), alongside many years leading and driving considerable growth in SaaS businesses both in the UK and the US. Mike has held senior positions leading Product, Business Development and International Expansion strategies throughout his career.