How to build a strategy - the easy way

Strategic planning doesn't need to be hard. Work through a series of simple modules and come out with a thorough plan for your business

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How to build a strategy - the easy way

Get your strategy nailed. Today

With our innovative strategy software, you don't need to do an MBA or find bags of time to develop a winning strategic plan. We've made it quick and easy to...

Formulate a plan

Formulate a plan

Click through our simple modules, with over 1,000 examples from different sectors, and come out with a detailed strategic plan that is right for your business.

Communicate it clearly

Communicate it clearly

Spread the word and get everyone 
on-board! Automatically create impressive-looking visuals to bring your plan to life. Quickly generate pdfs, slides, emails and more.

Motivate your team

Motivate your team

Now make it happen with a sophisticated suite of tools. Help everyone understand progress with dashboards, KPI trackers and a full task management system.

Let us guide you through

Using Lucidity is like having your own strategy consultant (but without the big cost)! You don't need to know all the business theory yourself, just work through our modules, answer questions, watch the video tutorials, fill in templates, see real-world examples and benefit from intelligent tips and suggestions whenever you need them. You'll have your strategic plan ready to implement in no time!

  • Choose from a collections of tailored templates for different strategies

  • Fill in strategic frameworks and models step-by-step

  • See real-world examples of SWOT Analysis’, PESTLEs, strategic objectives, KPIs, strategy one-pagers and more

  • Automatically generate impressive visuals of your finished plan and download pdfs, slides and emails

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We've got the execution covered too!

We're with you for the long-haul. Once you’ve built your winning strategy plan, we have all the tools you need to communicate it to your team, get everyone excited and nail the execution.

  • Build, send and schedule regular communications to your teams
  • Use our full suite of task management tools and assign tasks, set deadlines and keep things moving with automatic reminders
  • Get a clear view of ongoing progress with our strategy dashboard
  • Generate automatic reports - from short updates to detailed management reports
We've got the execution covered too!

“Since using Lucidity, the company is already 3x bigger! The team are now really motivated and engaged, delivering great results.”

Marios Kyriacou, Founder & CEO, The Security Bureau. The Security Bureau was a business that wanted to grow but didn’t know how. Thanks to Lucidity they now have a strategic plan to grow their revenue by x10 to many £millions. After just 9 months the company achieved 100% growth and are on track to hit 400% revenue growth inside the next 12 months.

Don't delay. Create your plan today.

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