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Create high value propositions for your customers and members


Create and monetize strategy and planning propositions

You know the strategic challenges of your customers or members. Create high value propositions for them and enjoy a new revenue stream for yourselves.

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You know what they need

You know the strategy and planning frameworks that would benefit your customers or members.

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Create propositions within hours

You can create amazing propositions within hours that are high value and relevant to your customers or sector.

Save them time and money

Off the shelf excellence for your customers - saving them huge amounts of time and money.

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Watch that growth happen

Create $500K plus revenues for yourselves whilst adding serious value to your customers or sector.

True innovation for your business or membership organization

100% your branding.

We are invisible. It's all about your trusted brand to your members. Seamlessly integrate Lucidity Studio into your existing domain, allowing members to access all the Lucidity Studio features with ease.

Developed using your expertise.

You should know what strategies, plans and frameworks would help your clients or sector. So create them! Create elegant, digital products that are hugely valuable to your customers within hours.

Your products. Your pricing. Your revenue.

You have full commercial control on how you monetize your strategy and planning products. We are happy to brainstorm, advise and guide. But you're in control.

We just need 4 days of your time during that period.

Lucidity Studio is easy to set up. We will provide you with support to formulate the strategies and tools using our software and will take care of everything technology related. Your newest membership offering can be delivered to members in 30 days.

Why customers love Lucidity Studio

"GrowCFO is delighted with Lucidity Studio and we enjoy a fantastic working relationship with their team, who are always incredibly helpful. It is great to work together to achieve GrowCFO's mission of getting CFOs more involved in the design, build and implementation of their company's strategy."

"Bâton Global has had experience with several strategic planning platforms and was immediately attracted to the elegant and simple design and operation of Lucidity Studio. Clients appreciate a robust set of functionality that can be widely shared instead of gatekept to a few, seat licensed users. Support from the Lucidity team is wonderful – they’re truly concerned with our ability to serve and support our clients.”

"Lucidity Studio is a great platform for Portalus, allowing us to create highly relevant and valuable propositions for our members that help their businesses move forward by saving them significant time and money. They can get into executing plans rather than trying to figure out what it is they need to do. The Lucidity team have been great in helping us shape the propositions."

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