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An exclusive offer for a limited time

Get your own strategy workshops with our expert consultants, and come out with a plan to achieve your goals and hit your targets. Completely free to all new annual customers.

Practical workshops, just for you

Our strategists will take you and your leadership team through a series of workshops, guiding you through a proven process to formulate your strategy.

Over two remote sessions, we'll help you assess your income streams and your impact on your beneficiaries, establish your aspirations, decide on your objectives and build your plan.

We'll set some guided, simple assignments for you to complete before and between sessions for review by your Strategist.

You'll come away with a strategy plan for your charity and the follow-up steps to ensure you make your plan a reality and achieve your vision.

Practical workshops, just for you

Experts who know what they're doing

This isn't any old free advice, these are valuable sessions with real strategic experts.

We have 20+ years experience in the charity sector and have grown and transformed businesses ourselves. This real-world experience underpins our practical approach.

Our practical expertise, supported by tried and tested academic tools and techniques, has helped organisations from numerous sectors achieve their goals and nail their strategies.

This is a unique opportunity to get valuable consultation for free!

Experts who know what they're doing

If you know you want to get organised and strategic, but aren't sure how

Now’s the time to sign up for Lucidity Strategy Software and get this valuable strategy consultation free of charge. For as little as £50 a month, on our annual plan, we can help you set your strategic plan and give you all the tools to make it happen.

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