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Supercharge Your Business Growth: How to Use Ansoff Matrix to Achieve Significant Strategic Growth


March 28, 2023


2:00 PM GMT

Master the Art of Strategic Planning with Ansoff Matrix

This webinar provides participants with invaluable insights and practical strategies for identifying new market opportunities, developing successful growth strategies, and staying ahead of the competition. The Ansoff Matrix was developed by leading business strategist Igor Ansoff and is an essential resource for any business looking to grow and succeed in today's dynamic and competitive marketplace. Whether you are an established business or a start-up looking to take your first steps towards growth, this webinar will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your goals and thrive in today's fast-paced business world.

Improve Your Understanding of Diversification Strategy

Understand the fundamentals of corporate diversification. Grasp the different types of diversification strategies, and explore how to implement a diversification strategy effectively.

Approaches to Assess Strategic Options in an Objective Way

Recognize the difference between corporate and business-level strategies. Appraise competitor analysis and market analysis, their importance and potential impact. Analyze the financial performance of your organization within its sector.

Key Tips to Improve Market Penetration

Utilize best practices for expanding into new markets. Grow your customer base with effective marketing tactics and leveraging customer insights.

Case Studies on Product & Market Development and Full Diversification

Discover case studies around product development choices, market development alternatives, and full diversification. Learn from examples that have succeeded or failed in order to make better decisions for your own organization.

Our Experts:

Tom Ricca-McCarthy

CEO, Get Lucidity

Tom is an experienced CEO and has lead a number of growth and turnaround situations to success through the practical application of strategy. He has achieved recognition in The Times SME Fastrack for International Growth and 4 years in the Times Top 100 SMEs. He is a Board Advisor at a number of businesses and a Mentor at a growth fund advising early stage technology businesses in the environmental, health and social sectors. He is also a published author with Oxford University Press.

Photo of René Moolenaar

Dr René Moolenaar

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor, University of Sussex Business School

Dr René Moolenaar is a highly experienced CFO, board advisor and prominent academic in the field of strategy. René is Senior Lecturer in Strategy at the University of Sussex Business School and holds a number of Board positions. His experience ranges from engineering and manufacturing, media, professional services, education and property.

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LIVE Webinar

Supercharge Your Business Growth: How to Use Ansoff Matrix to Achieve Significant Strategic Growth